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Grief & Bereavement Counseling

Grief and bereavement are the most difficult life transitions to go through and you don't have go through them alone. Everyone's grieving process is unique to them and there is no right or wrong way to experience it. Many people feel confused by their emotions during the grieving process and feel that they are "doing it wrong". Many people find that they need help with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with which they are finding it hard to cope. I can help you navigate through the feelings of loneliness, shock and confusion and to help you adjust to your new life while grieving.

Bereavement is the process of recovering from the death of a loved one, and grief is a reaction to any form of loss. Both stimulate emotions such as fear, anger, and deep, deep sadness. 

Common symptoms of grief can be physical, emotional, or social.

Symptoms of grief:


  • Crying and sighing
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue


  • Feelings of sadness and yearning
  • Feelings of worry or anger
  • Feelings of frustration or guilt


  • Feeling detached from others
  • Self-isolation from social contact
  • Behaving in ways that are not normal for you
  • Low motivation or productivity

Every grieving experience is different. Whatever your personal symptoms are, grief and bereavement counseling have been proven to help. Grief counseling helps one adapt to the loss and adjust to the new reality of living without them. The counseling allows one to deal with the emotional and behavioral pain, overcome barriers to readjusting after the loss, and helps to find a way to maintain a bond with the loved one while also moving forward with their life. 

If you are experiencing grief-related thoughts, behaviors, or feelings that are distressing, please contact me today for a free consultation.