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Life Transitions

Throughout our lives we all go through life transitions. These changes can be very scary and unsettling at times. This could look like when your youngest child goes to elementary school full time, when your youngest child goes off to college leaving you in an "empty nest", divorce, women experiencing perimenopause and menopause and feeling like their body is not their own, or even the death of a loved one. Maybe you are going back to work after staying home to raise your children and feel intimidated and that you don't belong. You feel that you are constantly being judged or are going to be discovered for being an imposter. These events can leave us with low self-esteem and feelings of fear and uncertainty.

We all experience these times in our lives, but sometimes they hit us harder than we expected, even if we are planning for them. When this happens, we can be left feeling untethered or alone in a new life that we do not know how to navigate. We often do not recognize our lives and yearn for the way things were without a plan to move forward. We can find ourselves feeling depressed, anxious, with low self-esteem, questioning ourselves and our decisions and feeling overwhelmed and without purpose. 

When this happens it helps to get support from someone outside of our family and friend group, such as a life transition counseling therapist. It brings an enormous sense of relief to know that we are not alone when thinking about these things and that there is someone out there that can help you adjust to your shifting life. I am here to support you through these transitions, and to help you find new purpose and meaning. Therapy during this time can allow you to connect with and identify your authentic self and help you to make a path forward to happiness.